02 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Four: Into The Odd

For today’s post, I was trying to find something even more minimalist than yesterday… That’s how I realised I don’t actually own many games with curt character sheets.

The closest I could find was Into The Odd (Lost Pages), a role-playing game with a mysteriously reduced background, in which the aim of the adventures is – apart from enjoying the adventures themselves – trying to discover what the whole setting is really all about, because it is but shortly outlined (at least in the free version I have). Is it steampunk? fantasy? set in the modern era? earlier? later? It’s really hard to say. And that’s what makes it so interesting.

Chauncer is a street urchin from Bastion’s slums. Bastion is the big city mentioned in Into The Odd. Apparently it is a huge, sprawling, and multi-levelled city that the adventurers are supposed to loot. Getting there seems always tricky though.
Chauncer has only known poverty and loneliness in his life and he’s determined that this should change. The sooner, the better.

Name: Chauncer
Experience level: Novice

Strength 6
Dexterity 14
Willpower 13

Hit Points 6

Dagger (D6)
Fire oil

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