16 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day 16: Hyborian Age Roleplaying

Jason Durall is a prolific writer of RPG material. For me (beyond the fact that he is a good friend), he’s above all the author of the invaluable “Big Gold Book”, the hefty 2008 tome that consistently presented the core Basic Role-Playing System engine and many of its optional rules in one single place. He’s also the line developer of Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of [that was a long name], a pulpy S&S game set in a lovingly accurate version of Robert E. Howard’s Hyboria – not a surprise here, as Jason is a long-time fan of the Texan writer’s barbarian hero.

At the time of the BGB, or slightly earlier, Jason had his own homebrew BRP game set in Hyboria (Hyborian Age Roleplaying). He was kind enough to share a few notes with his friends, so here is a character generated for Hyborian Age Roleplaying!

Nickname: the Lithe
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Homeland: Bossonian
Occupation: Thief
STR 8  – Effort 40%
CON 17 – Stamina 85%
SIZ 11 – Damage bonus None
INT 16 – Idea 80%
POW 11 – Luck 55%
DEX 16 – Dexterity 80%
APP 13 – Charisma 65%

Hit points 14
Magic points 11
Fate points 3

Distinctive feature: Musical speech

Poniard 45% Dmg 1D4+2+db
Cutlass 35% Dmg 1D6+2+db
Throwing dagger 35% Dmg 1D4+½db

Leather Jerkin 1D4


Bargain 35%
Climb 80%
Conceal 45%
Disguise 55%
Dodge 52%
Evaluate 35%
Fast Talk 35%
Gamble 5%
Hide 60%
Insight 35%
Jump 25%
Listen 45%
Move Quietly 20%
Natural World 65%
Navigate 10%
Orate 25%
Physick 30%
Pick Lock 45%
Repair 64%
Ride 35%
Sailing 15%
Scent/Taste 15%
Search 60%
Swim 25%
Throw 25%
Track 30%
Trap 5%

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