09 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Twelve: Devâstra Réincarnation

Devâstra – Réincarnation is a French role-playing game that allows you to play in a high fantasy version of ancient India called Prithivî.

When I say “high fantasy”, I may be understating the power of the player characters… in Devâstra – Réincarnation, Prithivî is under the threat of the Asuras, and the players are supposed to play the roles of young Avatars wielding magical sentient weapons whose destiny it is to prevent the Asuras from reaching their goal of world domination! Therefore, a player does not have one character sheet, but two: the player character, and their Devâstra – their magical sentient weapon.
Despite being a fully-fledged role-playing game with quality illustrations and professional layout, Devâstra – Réincarnation can be downloaded for free from the publisher’s web-site.

My Avatar: Shesha Nāgarāja
Dharma: Altruistic

Body 2
Movement 4
Spirit 2
Charisma 4
Soul 2

Chakra 3

Hit points 24
  • Depleted (0-6):  penalty of +2 to any Body/Movement rolls
  • Injured (7-12): penalty of +1 to any Body/Movement rolls
  • Uninjured (13-24): no penalty
Âtman 18 [basically magic points]
Confidence 4

Karmas [Karmas are special abilities that have both a positive and a negative in-game aspect]
 - Destiny
 - Dharma Balance
 - Ksatriya

Athletics 1
Dodge 2
Etiquette 1
Intimidation 1
Missile weapons 4
Perception 1
Plant Lore 1
Unarmed combat 1
Yoga 3

My Devâstra: the Serpent Bow of the Nāga
Damage 2
Protection 0
Bonus to Etiquette
Bonus to Intimidation
Âtman 6

Powers [these are to be created by the player using the guidelines in the rulebook]
Level 1: Serpent arrow
Level 2: Deflecting missile
Level 3: Earth-shattering bolt

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