19 April 2018

Upcoming Book by Chaosium: ‘The Gods of Glorantha’

This piece of news is so important for fans of Glorantha and RuneQuest that I am copying it verbatim from Chaosium’s web-site:

The Red Goddess, by Jacob Rebelka

(This is Jeff Richard writing) ‘I just finished the draft manuscript of The Gods of Glorantha, which is about 50 RuneQuest cults done long-style (as was done in Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror).
We’re going to include all the old favourites like Storm Bull, Humakt, Yelmalio, and of course Kyger Litor (albeit fully updated and expanded for the new rules), and cults that feature major overhauls like Orlanth, Ernalda, Maran Gor, Lodril, and Yelm, plus plenty of cults that have never had a long version write-up before (like say Babeester Gor, Dayzatar, Gorgorma, Lokarnos, Odayla, Valind, even the Red Goddess, and plenty of others). This is the culmination of work I first turned to after we finished putting the Guide to Glorantha together, and I finally have a vehicle to get this into print!
The book is done with a strongly God Learner perspective, and provides lots of guidance as to Gloranthan mythology itself. You won’t need anything other than the RuneQuest rules and maybe the Bestiary to use this book (since obviously if you want to make Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran, or Aldrya worshippers, you’ll probably want stats for dark trolls and elves!). And for grognards, the new information and revelations will definitely make this a must-have.
This is going to be a big book – probably the size of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rule Book – and it is going to take time to get the art commissioned on it (and I am sure we’ll be editing and tweaking this for quite some time). But the manuscript now exists— we might even make a few copies of it available at some point in the not so distant future.
And just to be a completionist, I’ve been finishing up the cult descriptions of the Cults of Terror – the updated and revised write-ups of the main gods of Chaos. These cults won’t be included in The Gods of Glorantha, since they are antithetical to most of the gods (although the Red Goddess might disagree), and because they are really not intended as player character cults. But having that done now helps us have resources for the scenario writers.’

As a RQ referee, I do hope we will also be able to have access to the latter cult write-ups!

16 April 2018

The Design Mechanism to produce the Lyonesse RPG

I must admit I haven't followed the RuneQuest 6 line much since its rebranding as “Mythras” and its departure from the Gloranthan roots of RuneQuest.

Anyway, The Design Mechanism have just released an announcement about the upcoming release of a stand-alone, fully-fledged role-playing game based upon the Lyonesse Trilogy, a high fantasy trilogy by Jack Vance. The ‘engine’ of the Lyonesse role-playing game will be based upon the Mythras rpg.

It is unclear at the moment how much the Lyonesse rpg will differ (or not) from Mythras, especially with regards to the magic system(s), but The Design Mechanism will certainly communicate on the various groups dedicated to Mythras on social media (G+, MeWe...)

mock cover

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Sample Page Revealed

As you already know if you are a true blue Glorantha and/or RuneQuest fan, play tests for the new RuneQuest rules are over, and the new rulebook, simply titled RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is currently at the layout phase.

Jeff Richard has declared on social media that he was aiming at having the art not only embellish but also illustrate the rules. Here is one of the samples he has posted:

13 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - PDFs Delivered to Backers (At Last!)

At last! Backers of the 13th Age in Glorantha crowdfunding campaign have received the PDFs of the two books that were part of the basic pledge:

  • The rule book for 13th Age in Glorantha itself (466 pages),
  • The new stat-less, engine-neutral Glorantha Sourcebook (226 pages) that sets the gaming clock forward to the time of the Hero Wars.

Both PDFs will be available for general purchase from the chaosium.com web-site later this month, respectively at USD 26.95 (appr. EUR 22) and at USD 19.95 (appr. EUR 16).
Now I have 692 pages of Gloranthan goodness to read, so I think I am going to disappear from public life for a while...

06 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - Infinity Rune & Earth Priestess

Another incredibly inspiring piece from the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha book. Can't wait for the book to be out... Even though I am not planning to use that particular rule set, I know I will extensively mine the book for ideas and inspiration.

10 January 2018

Hearts in Glorantha, issue No.6

Issue No.6 of the British Gloranthan magazine Hearts in Glorantha is available for pre-order. If you purchase it, you get the PDF right away, and the dead tree version once it's available.

If you only want the PDF, it will be available from Drivethrurpg later on.


09 January 2018

John Carter of Mars RPG

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the John Carter of Mars role-playing game by Modiphius is live! And since it is the first day, and it has already reached £17,532 out of £20,000, it is certainly going to be funded.

The system's engine is called 2D20, and it is the very same engine as the one for the new Conan RPG, which I have tried and enjoyed at the Eternal Con in 2016.

There are many different pledge levels, and lots of add-ons. Actually maybe too many pledge levels— I have trouble figuring out which pledge level you must choose depending on what you want to get. For instance, there doesn't seem to be a way to only get the PDFs (which is what I would have liked to pledge).

You may want to download the sample chapter to get an idea of how Modiphius have rendered Barsoom as a role-playing setting.