25 September 2010

My Glorantha Does Vary

I have started a 2nd Age campaign set in Umathela using... the 30th Anniversary Tunnels & Trolls rules.

The reason is quite simple: the campaign game that I have started is for the kids (ages 11 and 13) meaning I need an easy-to-use set of rules, flexible, with little to learn/memorise. I also own the 5th edition of T&T in French, and the differences are minimal.

The first session today went very well. I'll explain in another post how I have "HeroQuest-ised" the T&T rules to render them more compatible with the style of play typical of Glorantha.

14 August 2010

Players' Primer

As part of the much better MRQII material, Mongoose have made available a free Gloranthan Players' Primer on their web-site. I recommend it.

12 January 2010

RPG Review - Issue No.6

The RPG Review is a most excellent free on-line Australian webzine devoted to role-games. The latest issue is a Gloranthan special issue. Go download it!