01 July 2017

RuneQuest 4 Quick-Start Rules Available

It's 1st July and the RuneQuest Quickstart booklet by Jeff Richard and Jason Durall is available at last. I won't write much about it today as I've already written about what it contains, and about what changes you may expect compared with RuneQuest Classic Edition, in many of my 2017 posts. My friend the Runeblogger has written an extensive review here anyway if you are really interested in reading a review rather than experiencing the game by yourself by downloading a copy and playing the introductory adventure The Broken Tower.

The real cool thing with the RuneQuest Quickstart booklet is that it really, really contains enough gaming material to allow you to actually play RQ4 without having to wait for the real McCoy: it has all the combat rules, all the skills, all the Spirit Magic spells, it has 43 Rune Magic spells, it explains the new mechanism of Runes & Passions... Basically the only fundamental missing section from the new RQ4 is the Character Generation chapter. But if you use the pre-gens and run them through the introductory adventure, they can pretty much go on exploring Dragon Pass. And since RQ4 is backwards compatible with RuneQuest Classic Edition, if you own or if you purchase the Glorantha Classics books, you can expect years of gaming enjoyment...

In a nutshell: you can purchase the RuneQuest Quickstart booklet in dead-tree format from Chaosium's web-site, and you can download the PDF for free without even having to register here.