18 November 2006

Signs & Portents issue No.38

It's nice to see that Mongoose support RuneQuest as one of 'their' rolegames. Issue No.38 of S&P features two above-average articles, one about enchanted items (including an interesting ghost bell that could be used in a Chinese setting) and another one about quick character generation through tables (à la RQIII).

16 November 2006

MRQ getting popular

Apparently, MRQ is getting popular. I see it mentioned more and more on RQ-devoted fan sites or mailing lists. The books are sold out in Parisian hobby shops. Mongoose's forum is crowded.
MRQ is starting to get its share of fan material on the net. At the moment, Simon Hibbs' site and the MRQ Wiki are among the most interesting.

12 November 2006

Inconsistencies in 'Glorantha The Second Age'

One of the 'scholars' from the Glorantha mailing list spotted quite a few inconsistencies in Glorantha The Second Age (I must admit that the only one I had spotted was the fact that Balazar couldn't possibly be named after the eponymous hero before he was even born).