13 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - PDFs Delivered to Backers (At Last!)

At last! Backers of the 13th Age in Glorantha crowdfunding campaign have received the PDFs of the two books that were part of the basic pledge:

  • The rule book for 13th Age in Glorantha itself (466 pages),
  • The new stat-less, engine-neutral Glorantha Sourcebook (226 pages) that sets the gaming clock forward to the time of the Hero Wars.

Both PDFs will be available for general purchase from the chaosium.com web-site later this month, respectively at USD 26.95 (appr. EUR 22) and at USD 19.95 (appr. EUR 16).
Now I have 692 pages of Gloranthan goodness to read, so I think I am going to disappear from public life for a while...

06 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - Infinity Rune & Earth Priestess

Another incredibly inspiring piece from the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha book. Can't wait for the book to be out... Even though I am not planning to use that particular rule set, I know I will extensively mine the book for ideas and inspiration.