12 September 2016

RPG Review - Issue No.31

I have already blogged about the RPG Review, a most excellent free on-line Australian webzine devoted to role-playing games, with a good mix of game reviews, industry news, interviews, historical articles about our hobby, and short gaming aids.

The latest issue is an OSR special issue, and as such I believe it is of interest to readers of this blog.

I would particularly like to point out the following articles:
  • An interview of Ken Saint-André, the creator of Tunnels & Trolls and Stormbringer,
  • A long Tunnels & Trolls bestiary; unfortunately it is for the 5.5 ed.– I am sure the use of spite dice would have improved on the various special attacks of the monsters,
  • A RQ2 variant to add granularity to the results of skill checks,
  • A sneak peek on the upcoming John Carter role-playing game by Modiphius Entertainment.


06 September 2016

Chaosium joins Bits and Mortar

Chaosium has joined the Brick & Mortar Initiative — you may read the full press release here. In a nutshell, this means that whenever you buy a Chaosium product from one of the participating game shops, you get the corresponding PDF for free.

Here is the list of the participating game shops across Continental Europe:

Autre Monde (Liège)

Czech Republic
Mephit (Prague)

Dragons Lair (Odense)
Fantask (Copenhagen)

Philibert (Strasbourg)
Trollune (Lyons)

Atlantis (Hamburg)
Brave New World (Cologne)
Fantasywelt Tabletopshop (Eckernförde)
Otherland Buchhandlung (Berlin)
Trollheim Medienvertrieb (Herzogenrath)

Papercut Cybercafé, Comics & Games (Heraklion)

Labyrinth (Utrecht)

Alphaspel (Hägersten)
Collectors Point (Umeå)

For the UK and overseas, please check the online retail store locator.