The Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden is my free irregularly published EPUB zine. You may download all issues from the links below. Each standard issue has a vaguely central theme, and three sections: historical, fantasy world, and Old School. Special issues usually focus on a single theme.

Issue No.1, February 2015 (Flowers – the Eurasian steppe – Glorantha – Monsters!Monsters!)

Issue No.2, April 2015 (Towers – the Papacy – Qelong – Monsters!Monsters!)

Issue No.3, June 2015 (Special Issue: Mad Max: Fury Road)

Issue No.4, November 2015 (Special Issue: the city of Swenstown in the world of Glorantha)

Issue No.5, March 2016 (Special Issue: the Old West)

Issue No.6, February 2017 (Special Issue: Djöfullinn’s Island, a fully-fledged deluxe Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure with a Viking flavour)