22 April 2015

The Hanging Garden, Issue No.2

Howdy dear readers. The second issue of The Hanging Garden is available. I wanted to make this issue available to you one week ago but Real Life struck.

As with last issue, the idea is to have a text-heavy 'zine to read on the commute, hence the literary parts (including the English-language translation of an award-winning Italian short story).

And again, as in last issue, I have tried to keep a good balance between already-published (but maybe overlooked) material, and new stuff.

Anyway, here are the main features from issue No.2 of The Hanging Garden:

  • D100 Towers, by kONSUMTERRA
  • Formosus, the Lich Who Ruled Rome, by Cronista
  • The Distance Between Eternities, fiction by Massimiliano Malerba
  • Qelong, a review by the RPGPundit
  • The Itako (or Blind Medium), by yours truly
  • a scenario for LotFP, by yours truly
  • Uprising at the Buzzard's Gulch Monster Rez, the second instalment of the Monsters! Monsters! campaign log by Thessaly Chance


16 April 2015

HeroQuest Glorantha

The much-awaited new edition of HeroQuest, specifically tailored for Gloranthan play, is available for pre-orders at USD39.95. As soon as you've placed your pre-order, you can download the PDF.

Here's what Moon Design have communicated on the Gloranthan G+ community about HeroQuest Glorantha:

HeroQuest Glorantha is a stand-alone rules system that lets you run games set in Glorantha WITH NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED! It lets you create Esrolian, Praxian, and Tarshite characters, as well as Sartarites. It is updated for the 1627 setting. It has far far clearer rules than HQ2. It gives a lot more explanation into the nature of Gloranthan magic so you can run HQG games more easily. It not only updates cults that have appeared before, but includes cults that have not (such as Waha). Lots more material on running hero quests (including a breakdown of Eringulf's hero quest to get the Vanak Spear). ILLUMINATION. Did I mention that? Information on Gloranthan monsters. Plus a self-contained starter adventure that could take place anywhere in the Dragon Pass/Prax/Holy Country area and includes a pretty major hero quest right off the bat?
How's that for starters? Plus lots of snippets of information to make it easier to take the Guide or King of Sartar and start running HQG adventures.

Can't wait to get mine, but it's actually much more because of the amazing art than because of the rules themselves as I am only a HeroQuest player in Glorantha; I do not GM using the HQ rules.