20 June 2006

when exactly in the Second Age is the game set?

Read on the Mongoose RuneQuest forum:
Greg spoke about the Second Age Glorantha setting at Tentacles Convention this weekend and said the setting was something like 895, with the balance already tipping against the empires.

19 June 2006

Fourth Post

The quest for information about Second Age Glorantha continues! Today, I salvaged information about the following:
Whilst not entirely devoted to events which took place in the Second Age, these pages both contain invaluable information about Second Age Glorantha.

17 June 2006

Third Post

Well, Google wasn't too friendly today. I didn't find much about Second Age Glorantha. What I did find was:
Unsurprisingly enough, both pieces are from Nick Brooke's website.

I also found out that the German Chaos Society were about to publish a Rough Guide to Pavis City in the Second Age.... He, he, those cunning Germans, they're already churning out stuff for the new Gloranthan setting!

Second Post

Since information on Second Age Glorantha is scant, I quickly turned to Lokarnos, the source for Gloranthan stuff on the web.
I entered 'second age' in their search engine. Uh! No results. Then I tried 'history of Glorantha', got a few results, nothing ground-breaking, here are the most interesting ones:
Now on to Google.....

First Post

OK, so according to Mongoose's site, their soon-to-be-released version of RuneQuest will be based in the Second Age. My first impression was, wow! that's pretty cool what with all the scheming God Learners and weirdo dragon magics. My second thought was, wait! I don't know fuck about the Second Age....