25 September 2018

Tunnels & Trolls Bundle of Holding

For some reason, Tunnels and Trolls has become intimately associated with solo role-playing. Personally, I have always used T&T to run 'normal' adventures (i.e., with a group of players) but I know that, for a lot of RPGers, "T&T" and "solo play" are almost synonymous.

Anyway, if you click here, you will be magically transported to a 'bundle' offer that will let you purchase 12 T&T solo adventures for a mere USD 7.95.

Amongst the 12 PDFs are well-known classics such as Naked Doom, Sewers of Oblivion and Deathtrap Equalizer.

I love T&T's Old School art

If you pay above the threshold price of USD 18.93, you also get the following:

 - the deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rules, my favourite incarnation of the T&T rules
 - Monsters! Monsters!, a spin-off of T&T that lets you play 'the bad guys' — it's really hilarious
 - the Adventurers Compendium, an 88-page collection of twelve classic adventures from the 1970s/1980s — Old School at its best
 - four extra 'GM' (i.e., non-solo) adventures

At USD 18.93 it's a steal. It's a shame I already own 90% of the stuff listed above.

21 September 2018

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha News

Short blog post about the latest news with regards to RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, the latest incarnation of our favourite Bronze Age fantasy role-playing game.

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is at last available in dead tree. It comes in two formats: the normal hardbound, and a leatherette edition. If you have purchased the PDF from the Chaosium web-site, you should have received the e-mail with the discount coupon by now.

The RQG Gamemaster Screen Pack is available as a PDF. Despite its name, it is much more than a mere GM screen since it contains an updated gazetteer of Sartar and the Dragon Pass area, three adventures tailored for Colymar starting players (which can be easily altered for other groups of PCs), and much more.

The RQG core book, the RQG Bestiary and the GM Screen Pack are designed to fit in the slipcase that Chaosium will release later this year.

02 August 2018

20 July 2018

Worlds United

The Design Mechanism, publishers of Mythras (formerly known as RuneQuest 6th edition), have announced a new source book for H2 2018, whose title is Worlds United, and that will enable you to play 50s Pulp SF planetary romance adventures.

The book should contain approximately 128 pages. I have no further details at the moment, as there isn't anything about Worlds United on TDM's web-site or on their forum.

The funny thing (well at least for me) is that the announcement has been simultaneous with my re-reading my fabulous Flash Gordon hardcovers by Titan Books. The books feature the admirably restored full-colour Sunday strips by Alex Raymond, which are incredibly evocative of the marvellous atmosphere of Flash Gordon's adventures on the mysterious planet Mongo, with its many villains, astonishingly beautiful queens and princesses, and monstrous creatures!

15 July 2018

Glorantha Bestiary Announcement

I guess most of my readers already know about this, but just in case I am reproducing the announcement about the upcoming Glorantha Bestiary for the last edition of Chaosium's RuneQuest.

Of course, 20 July 2018 is the release date of the PDF; the dead tree version will be available 3 to 4 months later (i.e., by November 2018).

And here is the contents page of the Bestiary to further tease you:

Note: the Bestiary will also contain all the character generation rules for the Elder Races, as well as their main cults; but no family genealogies.

22 June 2018

Gods War - The Final Rulebook

I have already mentioned the Gods War boardgame on this blog, since it has prominently featured at THE KRAKEN gaming retreat during all the stages of its creation and its playtest. Glorantha: The Gods War (full title) is a large, intense boardgame similar to Cthulhu Wars (but much better in my opinion) that pits the major factions of Glorantha against each other at the time of the, er, Gods War† — hence its name. The game was successfully kickstarted but, alas, I did not participate because I don't know where I'd store the huge box and its many expansions. It appears that some Texan people do not realise what the average size of a Parisian flat is. And I do not have a cellar. Anyway, Sandy Petersen has just announced that the final version of the Gods War rulebook was available (from here).

Even if you are not interested in overly-sized boardgames please do download it, if only for the incredibly evocative art, and for the scores of ideas that will inevitably pop up in your mind whilst reading it.

†For a description of the events of the Gods War and of the destructions it has wrought, please refer to the Guide to Glorantha, p116-117 and p684-693.

15 June 2018

An Excerpt from our Ongoing RQ:G Campaign

I have a RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign set in Chern Durel and northern Kralorela that has been going on for about a year (since the time we received the RQ:G playtest pack).

Last Wednesday's session was so good one of the players (Hervé) wrote it down to share it with anyone curious about our RQ:G game. Warning: this is a GONZO game, YGWV.

in Tzu Ling

Chern Durel Campaign - Session 12GM: Gianni. 3 players: Patrick (Xu), Teva (Skull Sucker), Hervé (Kro Tal). 4-hour game

After escaping from the Slug-Men’s prison, Xu and Kro Tal go to the Black Sun Temple in the Ignorant Quarter of Tzu Ling. It is still Sacred Time and they pray to regain all used Rune Points (success). They also convince some of the younger priests to send them to the Other Side again, to establish contact with Blackstone, the God [GM: more like a Demi-God] who killed a Dragon long ago; they want to learn its secrets to help Ignorance fight against the Kralori dragon-lovers.
They are led into the Temple’s inner sanctum and wreathed in Basko’s black flames. The roof disappears, and a black sky appears, with the Black Sun in its full glory. It opens its maw and swallows both characters. Inside its mouth, they see its teeth change into stalagmites. They realise they are back to the entrance of Blackstone’s Temple of Bones, which they visited in their dreams a short while ago.

Inside the Temple of Bones, they invoke Blackstone with the sacrifice of a Kralori portrait of their Dragon Emperor Godunya, which they tear and spit upon. (Worship Blackstone 5% + sacred time /major temple / sacrifice bonuses). It is a success and “somewhere, a dragon whines” because of the outrage we commit upon Godunya’s effigy. Yet Blackstone is not to be found. It is Not Here. By focusing deeper and further, Kro Tal feels a great pain in the chest (loss of 1 HP) and realises Blackstone’s Heart is gone.
Using Spirit Travel (despite not being shamans, with the huge lingering bonuses), they set after the Heart, following its cold trail. On the way, they stumble upon the prone form of Skull Sucker, an Uzko warrior of Zorak Zoran with whom they have already co-operated in the Dream World (he has been dispatched there to fight the returning God Learners). He says Blackstone called him for help in his dreams; he came and fought off Kurix the God Learner lich, the eponymous master of the city of Kurix in the Dream World. It seems that the sorcerer’s magics got the better of him.

Further along the way, to their distress, they find a pool of the dark godling’s Blood and drink from it, also filling their water-skins with it. The Blood aids them to track the Heart and even gives some energy (Magic Points) back to Skull Sucker. They are then attacked by an earth demon rushing under the ground and trying to trap them in a pit it opens under their feet, but they jump or climb their way to safety. Upon entering a large cave, they must fight off a pack of Kralori zombies which they pulp. But the earth demon returns and swallows Xu, crushing the life out of him (12 point damage to ALL hit locations, enough to kill him outright despite 5-point armour and a 4-point Protection spell). It immediately rushes away.

Both Kro Tal and Skull Sucker rush to his aid and call upon their Gods with Heal Wound rune magic spells, barely bringing Xu back to life at the cost of their whole psychic energy (2 or 3 Magic Points left at this stage). By limping around to find a safe spot to recover, they realise the earth demon always follows the same “track” and pass its end.

After having somewhat recovered in the Darkness (both Xu and Skull Sucker have Darksense, and by now Kro Tal is developing something like it too), they notice the cave tapering at its end, with a chasm in the wall leading further ahead. Skull Sucker goes to investigate by Sneaking and Hiding and fails. He is speared by two light crossbow bolts and dies (one crit and one impale, both legs crippled). The mad race against death starts again but this time Kro Tal uses his False Healing spell, allowing Skull Sucker to limp back to safety and to call again on Zorak Zoran to heal his wounds. Some First Aid is also applied, but by then all characters are down to 1 MP each†.

They retreat in a side tunnel and after a long exhausting march (roll of CON×5 to press ahead), find themselves back among the Green Dragon’s bones, the one which Blackstone smothered and petrified! They decide it is a safe place to sleep or Meditate (Xu recovers about 10 extra MPs in 8 hours’ Meditation), but the place’s magics begin altering their Runes after a few hours, augmenting Disorder and Life. Both Skull Sucker and Kro Tal are Death worshippers and they leave the place, yet noting they now know a way out: the Dragon’s resting place leads to the ziggurat connected to the bottom of Tzu Ling’s cesspit, a way they went through before.

This time they call on Subere’s and on the Black Sun’s powers and use Dark Walk to approach the chasm and kill the crossbowmen, which turn out to be trollkin wearing the same colours as the servants of their Slug-Man captor! Pressing ahead, they find Blackstone’s Heart, levitating above ground, wrapped in many ropes and pulled by fifteen trollkin led by a Slug-Man. While Skull Sucker mows down the trollkin, Xu casts Attack Soul on the Slug-Man and keeps him too busy to notice Kro Tal jumping on the Heart, then close to him, then punching his skull off. The remaining trollkin scatter. Victory belongs to the characters, who immediately try to commune with Blackstone.
What they learn is… surprising.
Blackstone, whom we thought was bound by the Slug-Men and eager to break free and ravage the Kralori city, is actually happy with the current state of things, growing fat on the sacrifices his servants and clergy, the Slug-Men, siphon off the Kralori! He says this is in continuity with his battle against the Dragon and does not want the status quo to change. He also says the trollkin were pulling back his Heart to its rightful place, among the dragon bones where the characters slept! He explains a sorcerer called Kurix and his warriors had surprised him and beaten off his guards before he could chase him off, rescued by his Slug-Men worshippers.

After much doubt from Kro Tal, all three characters initiate to Blackstone, learning his special spell‡. The God marks them for recognition and acceptance from his Slug-Men servants. The dark godling reveals that his power over dragonkind could be given to them if they re-open his old and forgotten temple in Karaköse, the City of the Dead, many “li” to the west of Tzu Ling. For this, they would need his sacred book, which is now held by the sorcerer Kurix. Kurix seems stranded here, in this Dark Place, and most of his soldiers have been killed or wounded. They have taken refuge in a nearby Ziggurat.
The characters set off to hunt the Sacred Book, unsure whether they will kill Kurix or try to ally with him against their mutual enemy, Sturm Martex the talking head, dread sorcerer from Orathorn.

†upon reflection, this save should not have worked. A character at 0 general HP or below dies at the end of the melee round in which he was hit. But we did not remove the impaling bolts from Skull-Sucker’s legs, which should have been necessary BEFORE healing him. Yet this rule was forgotten by everybody, GM included; too many years of HeroQuest have made us less regarding of rules. 

‡it was decided on the spot that Blackstone’s Runes were Darkness and Stasis, and that a special, stackable spell would be designed, something like Coils (from the Book of Drastic Resolutions volume  Darkness) or Suppress Lodril, but working against Dragons and dragon-kin, including anyone with at least 1% in Draconic Mysticism, i.e. any Kralori.

03 June 2018

News from UK Games Expo 2018

Alas, I was not able to attend this British con, but there was a Chaosium panel and Ian Cooper (HQ line editor) tweeted about it. Since it contains a lot of HeroQuest-related information that had only vaguely been hinted at during Chimériades and the Eternal Con, I thought it would be of interest to my readers if I copied Ian Cooper's tweets here:

Chaosium will be delivering an SRD of the HeroQuest engine, licensed under the OGL. We want you to use this engine for your own genre packs and games.

We'll keep the HeroQuest brand for Glorantha and the SRD will have a new name, as we think the brand makes more sense as a Gloranthan name than a generic system.

We are going to release some new genre packs for the game (ways to play a given genre). Ron Edwards is working on cosmic superheroes for us, we have discussions about a pulp setting, we will probably do a SF one, and touch something a little more left-field.

We want to show what the engine can do.

We will continue to tackle Glorantha. In Dragon Pass we will focus on 1625— to distinguish from the RQG 1625+ period. We want to cover the Dragonrise and how your players can lead that great event, the key to the liberation of Sartar.

And we are going to tackle Fonrit. We think it is an ideal Sword & Soul setting, presentable with all Glorantha's richness bit will no publication history before now, a great opportunity for folks to get in on the ground floor of a Gloranthan setting.

27 May 2018

Back from the Eternal Con 2018

Yet another great convention. This one was a mere fortnight after Chimériades, resulting in a very weird 'embarrassment of riches' situation. I wish cons were regularly interspersed throughout the year...

the pathway to Burg Stahleck

As always we were welcome at beautiful castle-turned-youth hostel Burg Stahleck and given our room numbers. I ended up in the notorious snoratorium but since I had wisely added earplugs to my luggage everything went perfectly well.

Burg Stahleck - the Tower

I have already mentioned that the Eternal Con was a very family-friendly con, with many families with kids attending; I think this is the year when we saw most kids... If you have never been to a gaming con and have a family— honestly, this is the con to be!

the view from the castle

FRIDAY 18 MAY, 19:00, Grand Opening Ceremony

This year Franziska presented us the schedule and the activities under the form of a choose your own adventure book. As a long-time T&T fan, I really liked the idea!

FRIDAY 18 MAY, 21:00, Chaosium Panel

I won't bore you with the general RuneQuest stuff because (a) it was pretty much the same Jeff had already talked about at Chimériades, and (b) there was a dedicated RQ panel on Sunday (q.v.). As a result, I will focus on the non-RQ news that struck me as interesting.
First of all, we shall witness the return of two old favourites: the Credo card game, and the Nephilim role-playing game. The new edition of Credo is pretty advanced, whereas the new Nephilim is still under development.
There will also be a new edition of HeroQuest that will be non-Gloranthan in content so as to enable third-party publishers to publish games using the HQ engine.
As for Wyrms Footnotes, there should be a new issue soon (?) for some of the stuff that won’t get into the new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (RQG) books.

SATURDAY 19 MAY, Morning

I just spent the morning relaxing with friends— after all these years, and with pretty much the same people attending, the Eternal Con has really become a gathering of friends!

relaxing with friends

Then I prepared the pregen PCs for my afternoon game (see below).

busy busy
SATURDAY 19 MAY, Afternoon

This was quite interesting. I have been running an RQG campaign set in Eastern Genertela in Paris as one of the playtesting groups for about a year, and two of my Parisian players were also attending the con. So I ran a one-shot RQG adventure that I also managed to include in the overall story arc of my RQG campaign game. That showcased to the new players (4 of them) how deeply intertwined with Glorantha the new rules were.

weird artefacts at the castle

SATURDAY 19 MAY, Evening

Played Massive Darkness, an incredibly daft miniature boardgame: open door, kill monster, take treasure... Jesus, are we still playing this in 2018??? The cool thing, however, is that the material is fantastic, and the miniatures quite evocative. Alas we got killed at about 3/4ths of completing our Quest.

SUNDAY 20 MAY, Morning

Played Maria, an AWESOME three-player wargame by Histogame about the War of the Austrian Succession. I was playing Maria Theresa and had to face two enemies on two different fronts: the annoying Louis XV of France on the Western front, and the sly Frederick II of Prussia on the Northeastern front. Louis XV was trying to prevent my husband Whatsisname to become Holy Roman Emperor whilst Frederick II was quietly stealing large swathes of land from my northernmost estates. The first extraordinary idea of the game is that the same player who plays my enemy Frederick II on the Northeastern front plays my ally George II on the Western front, which led to... interesting developments. The second extraordinary idea of the game is that everything (battle results, diplomatic achievements, purchase of supply trains and/or reinforcement troops for the armies...) is fuelled by the use of cards so you're always hesitating as to how you should use them (obviously you never have enough of them) and, as we all know, a good game is about difficult choices.
And in the end I got to crush Louis XV and to slightly come ahead of Frederick II, so I was elated.

the perfidious Franco-Bavarian attack

in dire straits — luckily I managed to keep a cold head

make Alsace deutschsprachig again!

the political board

SUNDAY 20 MAY, Afternoon

I got to play Illuminati for the first time in my life— can you believe that, the game has been around since 1982! I was playing the Servants of Cthulhu (whose aim is to destroy cards rather than to control them) but I think I exaggerated on the 'not controlling any groups' side and as a result I was always cash-strapped. Anyway, a good starting impression of this classic game.

my game (with four destroyed cards)

the winner's game

Then I played an old favourite of mine, Nations the Dice Game, a very fast game of civilisation-building with a pleasant 'rolling dice' aspect (we gamers do love dice).

SUNDAY 20 MAY, Early Evening

The sad, sad Closing Ceremony. I want to let you know that next year is the 10th Eternal Con and the 30-year jubilee of the cons in Bacharach, so there should be some special events. Be sure to attend!

SUNDAY 20 MAY, Late Evening

The dedicated RQG panel. Here are a few news on top of the ones I've already mentioned in my Chimériades blog post. The triptych books should be available in hard format by Christmas 2018.
We had looooots of discussions about art, in the core book as well as in the future books. Jeff wants all of the future RQG books to look as good as the core book; e.g., Gods of Glorantha is fully written but work on art hasn’t started yet. And it’s going to take time because it will be good.

another RQG-playing table

supplies for the late-night singalong

the songbook of the singalong

definitely not Volvic water

excerpt from the singalong book

all the beautiful pics are by Heinrich Helms — all the ugly ones by yours truly

09 May 2018

Back From Chimériades VI

Back from the first con in con season! Funnily enough I was re-reading my 2016 report from Chimériades V, and at the time I was complaining that I had had too much work and hadn't been able to prepare anything for refereeing. Well... apparently April is a bad month for me because I experienced a much similar situation. As a result, the following is also going to be a very short report.


I will refer you to past blog posts for information about the incredible location, the beautiful château, the breathtaking views... The first piece of news is that this was officially the very last Chimériades con, as organisers extraordinaire Camille and Philippe expressed their desire to do something else in the future. There were various rumours circulating about other people organising a similar con in the future in the same area (Provence) but nothing your favourite sleuth could get any firm confirmation about.

True to its roots (and, to be honest, also due to Mark Rein·Hagen's accidental absence), the 6th edition of Chimériades was very much Glorantha- and RuneQuest-centred. It was heartening to see that, even though the last widely-distributed French-language RuneQuest edition set in Glorantha (the Oriflam one) dates back to 1987 –more than 30 years ago!–, there is still a large fanbase, and younger RPGers are still attracted to the game (the amazing art and maps for the upcoming RuneQuest:Glorantha that were being shown around probably helped).
Also, I felt more French gamers than usual made an effort to play in English.

As a result, maybe up to 1/3rd of the gaming tables were RQ:G tables. This bodes well for the future. Speaking of the future, we had several informal chats with the Chaosium staff present at the con: Jeff Richard (Vice President and Creative Director), Jason Durall (RQ line editor), Neil Robinson (COO), and also with several freelancers and/or 'old sages' who are currently helping Chaosium on the gigantic effort to rekindle our favourite game, plus there was a big panel on Monday morning about the future of the RuneQuest line.

I guess the news everyone is most eager to hear about is with regard to the new core book. Well, we had a physical printout of the core book and it looked really finished, i.e., it included layout and art. The PDF should be available around mid-June, and the dead tree version around early August. The next books in the pipe are the ones that will complete the initial RQ:G triptych, namely the Bestiary and the GM Pack. These should be available around early December, although it wasn't clear if that would be in PDF or dead tree format.
The Bestiary is not only a Gloranthan creatures book (over 150 creatures, with stats and with a piece of art for each creature); it also contains everything needed to play non-human characters (chargen, cults, etc.). The GM Pack is really a setting pack, a Sartarite sandbox centred on the Colymar clan, with an astonishing map of Clearwine that was circulated, several scenarios, and a heavy emphasis on statted NPCs with a comprehensive background. Early 1626 Apple Lane will be the default base for player characters, in a kind of Wild West atmosphere of lawlessness after the demise of the Lunar Empire.

Many other books are currently being worked on, including some that are in an extremely advanced state of completion (i.e., they are not vapourware) like the Gods of Glorantha book, of which a printout was available for our perusal. The book contains lots of extended writeups or even entirely new ones, all in the familiar format from Cults of Prax. The cults in the Gods of Glorantha book are mostly player character-oriented cults; Jeff is working on a Cults of Terror-like book for the Chaotic cults. This latter book will probably include scenarios since it will be supposed to be read by GMs only.

Next in the pipe is a GM Book with rules for heroquests, magic items, and 'high-level' characters that is currently being playtested, and several other exciting ones, about which I have alas sworn an oath of secrecy.

the Chaosium panel

But Chimériades is not only Glorantha.  My first game was in Jason Durall's Lone Star, a new RPG set in the independent Republic of Texas (1836-46, much smaller than today's state). The game uses the Pendragon engine, and, surprisingly enough, runs really well. As someone who really likes the Old West genre and its tropes, I am looking forward to this game, as there is a glaring absence of West-themed role-playing games WITHOUT magic/undead/whatnot in them.

My other two RPG games were both RQ:G games, one also by Jason with a short incursion into the Dream World, and the other one by Andrew Jones, which was a Runequestification of the introductory HeroQuest Red Cow scenario.

playing the introductory Eleven Lights adventure

And, last but not least, I played two games of GMT Games' Command and Colours: Napoleonics on a giant table with painted miniatures, all created and refereed by the immensely resourceful and talented Grégory Privat (with help from Jean-François Bounes). We played with four people per side: one commander-in-chief, who played the command cards and who was not allowed to touch the miniatures or the dice, and three generals, one per battlefield section, who ordered and moved the units, and rolled the dice. Each commander-in-chief had 5 command cards and could use two cards per game turn that were given to two of the generals, the third general only being allowed to order a single unit (the one stacked with their leader). The orders also had to be sent at the end of that side's previous turn, in order to simulate the time it took for orders to reach the leaders from headquarters. As a result, we were always one turn late in term of reaction possibilities, which realistically enhanced the fog of war impression, and which basically added fun.
This being a game by Grégory, we also had fun objectives such as retrieving Wellington's ale barrels (for the British player) or the marshal's favourite caterer (for the French) for extra victory points.
A beautiful gaming table, fun rules, nice fellow gamers, two victories in a row— this was definitely my favourite part of the con ☺

pictures by Andrew Jones and Jean-François Bounes

19 April 2018

Upcoming Book by Chaosium: ‘The Gods of Glorantha’

This piece of news is so important for fans of Glorantha and RuneQuest that I am copying it verbatim from Chaosium’s web-site:

The Red Goddess, by Jacob Rebelka

(This is Jeff Richard writing) ‘I just finished the draft manuscript of The Gods of Glorantha, which is about 50 RuneQuest cults done long-style (as was done in Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror).
We’re going to include all the old favourites like Storm Bull, Humakt, Yelmalio, and of course Kyger Litor (albeit fully updated and expanded for the new rules), and cults that feature major overhauls like Orlanth, Ernalda, Maran Gor, Lodril, and Yelm, plus plenty of cults that have never had a long version write-up before (like say Babeester Gor, Dayzatar, Gorgorma, Lokarnos, Odayla, Valind, even the Red Goddess, and plenty of others). This is the culmination of work I first turned to after we finished putting the Guide to Glorantha together, and I finally have a vehicle to get this into print!
The book is done with a strongly God Learner perspective, and provides lots of guidance as to Gloranthan mythology itself. You won’t need anything other than the RuneQuest rules and maybe the Bestiary to use this book (since obviously if you want to make Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran, or Aldrya worshippers, you’ll probably want stats for dark trolls and elves!). And for grognards, the new information and revelations will definitely make this a must-have.
This is going to be a big book – probably the size of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rule Book – and it is going to take time to get the art commissioned on it (and I am sure we’ll be editing and tweaking this for quite some time). But the manuscript now exists— we might even make a few copies of it available at some point in the not so distant future.
And just to be a completionist, I’ve been finishing up the cult descriptions of the Cults of Terror – the updated and revised write-ups of the main gods of Chaos. These cults won’t be included in The Gods of Glorantha, since they are antithetical to most of the gods (although the Red Goddess might disagree), and because they are really not intended as player character cults. But having that done now helps us have resources for the scenario writers.’

As a RQ referee, I do hope we will also be able to have access to the latter cult write-ups!

16 April 2018

The Design Mechanism to produce the Lyonesse RPG

I must admit I haven't followed the RuneQuest 6 line much since its rebranding as “Mythras” and its departure from the Gloranthan roots of RuneQuest.

Anyway, The Design Mechanism have just released an announcement about the upcoming release of a stand-alone, fully-fledged role-playing game based upon the Lyonesse Trilogy, a high fantasy trilogy by Jack Vance. The ‘engine’ of the Lyonesse role-playing game will be based upon the Mythras rpg.

It is unclear at the moment how much the Lyonesse rpg will differ (or not) from Mythras, especially with regards to the magic system(s), but The Design Mechanism will certainly communicate on the various groups dedicated to Mythras on social media (G+, MeWe...)

mock cover

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Sample Page Revealed

As you already know if you are a true blue Glorantha and/or RuneQuest fan, play tests for the new RuneQuest rules are over, and the new rulebook, simply titled RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is currently at the layout phase.

Jeff Richard has declared on social media that he was aiming at having the art not only embellish but also illustrate the rules. Here is one of the samples he has posted:

13 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - PDFs Delivered to Backers (At Last!)

At last! Backers of the 13th Age in Glorantha crowdfunding campaign have received the PDFs of the two books that were part of the basic pledge:

  • The rule book for 13th Age in Glorantha itself (466 pages),
  • The new stat-less, engine-neutral Glorantha Sourcebook (226 pages) that sets the gaming clock forward to the time of the Hero Wars.

Both PDFs will be available for general purchase from the chaosium.com web-site later this month, respectively at USD 26.95 (appr. EUR 22) and at USD 19.95 (appr. EUR 16).
Now I have 692 pages of Gloranthan goodness to read, so I think I am going to disappear from public life for a while...

06 February 2018

13th Age in Glorantha - Infinity Rune & Earth Priestess

Another incredibly inspiring piece from the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha book. Can't wait for the book to be out... Even though I am not planning to use that particular rule set, I know I will extensively mine the book for ideas and inspiration.

10 January 2018

Hearts in Glorantha, issue No.6

Issue No.6 of the British Gloranthan magazine Hearts in Glorantha is available for pre-order. If you purchase it, you get the PDF right away, and the dead tree version once it's available.

If you only want the PDF, it will be available from Drivethrurpg later on.


09 January 2018

John Carter of Mars RPG

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the John Carter of Mars role-playing game by Modiphius is live! And since it is the first day, and it has already reached £17,532 out of £20,000, it is certainly going to be funded.

The system's engine is called 2D20, and it is the very same engine as the one for the new Conan RPG, which I have tried and enjoyed at the Eternal Con in 2016.

There are many different pledge levels, and lots of add-ons. Actually maybe too many pledge levels— I have trouble figuring out which pledge level you must choose depending on what you want to get. For instance, there doesn't seem to be a way to only get the PDFs (which is what I would have liked to pledge).

You may want to download the sample chapter to get an idea of how Modiphius have rendered Barsoom as a role-playing setting.

05 January 2018

City Generator

There is a nifty on-line City Generator available here. It says 'mediaeval city generator', and Glorantha is an ancient world rather than a mediaeval one, but I still find it extremely useful to prep my RQ games.

I haven't fully explored all its options, and in particular the implications of the toggle on/off of the various features (some of them seem to remove the previous ones), but once I master the tool I will probably post some bits of advice on how to use it, and maybe on how to Gloranthise the results.

Also the City Generator has quite a community of users who submit new ideas to the developer, meaning the tool is probably bound to get further improvements (e.g., numbered buildings).