26 November 2018

Old School Bits and Pieces for RQG

I have just received, as a late addition to its crowdfunding campaign, the 'Referee repository' supplement for Blueholme, an old school RPG. As befits an OSR game, the supplement contains lots and lots of tables!

Some of them are really interesting and have spurred to me to adding a few bits and pieces to the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha rules.

Movement Rates

p102 of the RQG core rules lists the various movement rates depending on terrain. However, only terrain typical of Dragon Pass is listed, leaving out other terrain types the adventurers may travel across. I am hence offering the following:

Terrain km per day
River 60
Royal Road in good weather 50 / 40 / 25*
Royal Road in bad weather
Trade road in good weather
40 / 30 / 15
Trade road in bad weather
Herders' path in good weather
30 / 25 / 12
Herders' path in bad weather
20 / 15 / 5
10 / 8 / 3
Swamp 8 / 5 / 2
Snow storm
8 / 5 / 0
*pls refer to p102 of the RQG core rules for details


p156 of the RQG core rules says:
If the adventurer is taken by surprise by the immersion, the player must determine by a roll of POW×5 or less on D100 whether the adventurer has instinctively taken a breath.
(if not, the adventurer starts drowning)

Well, I would like to factor in the kind of armour the adventurer in wearing. So instead of having the player roll POW×5, have them roll:
  • POW×5 if the adventurer is wearing no armour
  • POW×4 if the adventurer is wearing leather armour
  • POW×3 if the adventurer is wearing cuir-bouilli
  • POW×2 if the adventurer is wearing ring/scale armour
  • POW×1 if the adventurer is wearing bronze plate


Strangely there is no Navigation skill in RQG. I reckon one could use Homeland Lore, Shiphandling or Survival, depending on the exact locale, in lieu of the Navigation skill.
Anyway, when the leading adventurer misses such a roll, the party gets lost. Here a few suggested modifiers to the roll:
  • Forest: −20%
  • Mountains: −20%
  • Swamp: −30%
  • Desert: −30%

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