03 April 2019

RuneQuest Glorantha: Redemption Blues

The RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary and the Gamemaster Screen Pack hardbacks are out at last and available for order from the Chaosium web-site.

If you have already purchased the corresponding PDFs, you may redeem their price from the new order. However, the Chaosium online shop only accepts one coupon per order so if you have — like yours truly — already purchased the hardback rulebook and the Bestiary and GM Pack PDFs, you will want to order the empty slipcase and the Bestiary and GM Pack hardbacks, and no combination of the coupons you've received by e-mail will cover this.

Despair not! Simply send an e-mail to customerservice@chaosium.com to request a combined coupon, and only place your order once you have received it.