21 January 2020

Whip weapon stats (RQ:G)

So RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha mentions the whip as a weapon (e.g., on page 48, amongst the Water Rune-weapons) but doesn't provide any weapon stats whatsoever.

Research on various forums, newsgroups etc. has indicated the article Eight New Weapons for RuneQuest by Paul Cardwell Jr on p.32-35 in issue No.22 of Different Worlds magazine (July 1982) as the preferred reference for the whip's weapon stats.

Since the topic keeps appearing on forums, I have taken the liberty of copying the most salient parts of the ‘whip’ section from that article here. I will obviously remove this post should anybody complain about copyright infringements but –hey!– the original article is from 38 years ago; we can almost consider this post as an ‘RPG history’ article of sorts.


The whip is a logical part of the gear of a herder, teamster, caravaneer, slave merchant, or even a general, all-purpose villain.

The whip is a weapon of fixed range. It is useless beyond its range, and it can only be used to attack a target at equal to or more than half its maximum range. Within that range, the whip is useless.

Category Name Base % STR DEX Damage HP ENC Range SR
Whip Whip 10 9 9 1D4 12 1 5m 0

The whip will wrap around its target on any Special to hit roll. A wrapped victim cannot act. If a leg is caught, the target must roll DEX as a percentage to keep from falling.
The whip will loosen after one round.

12 January 2020

Movement Rates for RQG (Updated)

Page 102 of RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha provides Movement Rates for various terrain types in the Dragon Pass area. In a previous blog post, I have expanded that table for other types of terrain. Now I realise I had been too optimistic in terms of river travel, and that I hadn't included sea travel, so here's an updated table:

Terrain km per day
River (upriver) 10
River (downriver) 30
Sea 40
Ocean 30
Royal Road in good weather 50 / 40 / 25*
Royal Road in bad weather
Trade road in good weather
40 / 30 / 15
Trade road in bad weather
Herders' path in good weather
30 / 25 / 12
Herders' path in bad weather
20 / 15 / 5
10 / 8 / 3
Swamp 8 / 5 / 2
Snow storm
8 / 5 / 0
*pls refer to p102 of the RQG core rules for details

02 January 2020

RPG Review - Issues No.40 and No.44

I haven't blogged about the excellent Australian online zine The RPG Review for quite some time now, but I must absolutely make up for lost time now that not one but two issues entirely devoted to the world of Glorantha have been published!

Issue No.40, subtitled Ten Year Anniversary Issue & RuneQuest Glorantha Down Under Convention Special (yes, that is a long subtitle), has (amongst other great articles) quite comprehensive RQ:G Designer's Notes by Jeff Richard — which may explain why many RQ:G players do not like the new sorcery rules, trivia and anecdotes about the good old days by Steve Perrin, and an Australian-flavoured bestiary by William Noble and Lev Lafayette.

Issue No.44, similarly subtitled RuneQuest Glorantha Down Under IV Special Issue!, features (inter alia) an interview of Jason Durall (Creative Director of RQ:G at Chaosium), a long humorous piece about Delecti the Necromancer and his Sartarite neighbours by Darius West, a serious piece about the Bronze Age and its economics by James Haughten, and a fully-fledged scenario set in the Seshnelan Country of Castle Coast (plate No.35 in the Argan Argar Atlas).

an excerpt from Jason's interview