21 January 2020

Whip weapon stats (RQ:G)

So RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha mentions the whip as a weapon (e.g., on page 48, amongst the Water Rune-weapons) but doesn't provide any weapon stats whatsoever.

Research on various forums, newsgroups etc. has indicated the article Eight New Weapons for RuneQuest by Paul Cardwell Jr on p.32-35 in issue No.22 of Different Worlds magazine (July 1982) as the preferred reference for the whip's weapon stats.

Since the topic keeps appearing on forums, I have taken the liberty of copying the most salient parts of the ‘whip’ section from that article here. I will obviously remove this post should anybody complain about copyright infringements but –hey!– the original article is from 38 years ago; we can almost consider this post as an ‘RPG history’ article of sorts.


The whip is a logical part of the gear of a herder, teamster, caravaneer, slave merchant, or even a general, all-purpose villain.

The whip is a weapon of fixed range. It is useless beyond its range, and it can only be used to attack a target at equal to or more than half its maximum range. Within that range, the whip is useless.

Category Name Base % STR DEX Damage HP ENC Range SR
Whip Whip 10 9 9 1D4 12 1 5m 0

The whip will wrap around its target on any Special to hit roll. A wrapped victim cannot act. If a leg is caught, the target must roll DEX as a percentage to keep from falling.
The whip will loosen after one round.

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