02 January 2020

RPG Review - Issues No.40 and No.44

I haven't blogged about the excellent Australian online zine The RPG Review for quite some time now, but I must absolutely make up for lost time now that not one but two issues entirely devoted to the world of Glorantha have been published!

Issue No.40, subtitled Ten Year Anniversary Issue & RuneQuest Glorantha Down Under Convention Special (yes, that is a long subtitle), has (amongst other great articles) quite comprehensive RQ:G Designer's Notes by Jeff Richard — which may explain why many RQ:G players do not like the new sorcery rules, trivia and anecdotes about the good old days by Steve Perrin, and an Australian-flavoured bestiary by William Noble and Lev Lafayette.

Issue No.44, similarly subtitled RuneQuest Glorantha Down Under IV Special Issue!, features (inter alia) an interview of Jason Durall (Creative Director of RQ:G at Chaosium), a long humorous piece about Delecti the Necromancer and his Sartarite neighbours by Darius West, a serious piece about the Bronze Age and its economics by James Haughten, and a fully-fledged scenario set in the Seshnelan Country of Castle Coast (plate No.35 in the Argan Argar Atlas).

an excerpt from Jason's interview

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