25 September 2019

Short But Interesting News

So rumour has it Chaosium is about to revive lots of old favourites. The Basic Role-Playing System first, possibly followed by Superworld and Elfquest. I shall try and pry into this and get more information from the Chaosium people at The Kraken!

07 September 2019

The Conspiracy Theory

Revolution D100 is an elegant iteration of the Basic Role-Playing System published by Alephtar Games. Of the many available flavours of the D100 System, each has its own benefits and flaws. What I particular like with Revolution D100 is that the skill creep that we may often experience with D100-based RPGs has been cleverly stemmed by having a limited set of skills that are subsequently expanded via traits.

Another great improvement over other D100-based RPGs is the concept of Conflict. Much like in a narrative RPG, instead of solving salient situations via a string of skill checks, important encounters/challenges/whatnot are framed within the scope of a Conflict. The party chooses a leading character who will face the enemy/threat with an appropriate skill. The other characters describe how they support the leading one, and Conflict points are gained or lost.

I have played in a variety of Revolution D100 campaign games, and I feel the system is best suited to complex, background-heavy settings such as historical, contemporary or sci-fi ones. It is hence a good piece of news that Alephtar Games have chosen a contemporary/mystery setting for their free Revolution D100 quick-start.

The free PDF is titled 'The Conspiracy Theory' and contains:
  • a four-page summary of the bare-bones rules
  • a 17-page adventure cleverly interspersed with extra rules when they are needed
  • pre-gens
  • a rules summary

You can download The Conspiracy Theory for free from DriveThruRPG.