18 June 2013

Lioness Lamia

When it comes to inspirational art, Le Chaudron chromatique is definitely one of my favourite blogs. Cédric just keeps posting the most inspirational weird illustrations in an amazing black-and-white ligne claire style. I have already posted quite a few of his works (just click on the inspirational label on the left hand-side), which are usually inspired either by Slavic mythology or by weird fantasy à la Lamentations of the Flame Princess — and both of them are definitely cool with me!

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Today's picture is an awesome Lamia crawling out of her lioness body. Cédric presents various theories as to why Lamiæ should hide in a lioness body, and various consequences as to their ecology. They can all be adopted for a Second Age game.

04 June 2013

RuneQuest Ad

This is an October 1990 ad for the Spanish version of RuneQuest, published by Joc Internacional.

I really dig the drawing and the 'hand drawn' looks of the Runes.