12 January 2016

RuneQuest Classic - If You've Missed The Kickstarter...

So, if you've missed out on the one and only Kickstarter crowdfunding project that you shouldn't have overlooked if you were a true-blue fan of Old School role-playing games, here is a chance to still be able to pre-order the 'new' version of RuneQuest 2, elegantly called RuneQuest Classic: link.

This is not a mere reprint. It comes with additional content such as a lot of Q&A from the 'RuneQuestions' column in Wyrms Footnotes (Chaosium's in-house organ), new appendices ('The Birth of the Minotaur' by Greg Stafford, precisions about Divine Intervention and Divination, 'What It Takes To Convince The Examiners' also by Greg, precisions about ghosts and spirit combat, and of course a full description of Rurik Runespear, Runemasters-style), a GM screen, and player handouts.

As a whole, the additional content amounts to 7 pages of small type in the appendices, and to various instances of boxed text interspersed throughout the main text of the rulebook.