21 June 2015

The Hanging Garden, Issue No.3

Howdy dear readers. The third issue of The Hanging Garden is available for your perusal and enjoyment. This issue had been scheduled to be a “Vikings” special and it ended up being a Mad Max: Fury Road special instead, complete with a fully-fledged post-apocalyptic role-playing game: Maximum Road!

To fully savour Maximum Road, you may first want to download the following:

Atomic Highway (free post-apocalyptic rpg Maximum Road is based on)

Maximum Road Player and Vehicle Sheet


10 June 2015

Return of the Great Old Ones (cont'd)

Now another podcast sheds more light on the whole Chaosium affair.

Apparently, the change in management was slightly less rosy than the fairy tale that has circulated on social media...
Sandy, quite candidly, tells it all in the podcast: after Lynn Willis (the majority shareholder of Chaosium) passed away, his shares were divided amongst the surviving members of the board of directors: Charlie, Greg, and Sandy. All of a sudden, Charlie and Greg ended up having exactly the same share, and Sandy became the kingmaker, so he sort of organised a coup to oust Charlie because he considered that the latest CoC-related Kickstarters had not been well managed. As a result, Charlie and his relatives have all left (his shares will be bought by Greg and Sandy); all the other employees have remained on board.

Future Chaosium plans as revealed by Sandy:
 - Manage the CoC Kickstarter failings
 - more Basic Role-Playing books (woot!)
 - Keep the Chaosium fiction line strong

03 June 2015

Return of the Great Old Ones

Based on all the blog posts dedicated to this event that I have seen round the web today, I guess I'm late in jumping onto the bandwagon, yet I still want to mention this...



Greg Stafford (as CEO) and Sandy Petersen are back to Chaosium! Obviously this won't affect us Gloranthan gamers since all the rights to Glorantha and to RuneQuest were sold to Moon Design. This having been said, Jeff Richard of Moon Design has mentioned on G+ his willingness to continue his close work with Greg and Sandy.

On the non-Gloranthan side of things, I presume we can expect renewed production in the 7th ed Call of Cthulhu lines and, hopefully, some more Basic Role-Playing publications.