03 June 2015

Return of the Great Old Ones

Based on all the blog posts dedicated to this event that I have seen round the web today, I guess I'm late in jumping onto the bandwagon, yet I still want to mention this...



Greg Stafford (as CEO) and Sandy Petersen are back to Chaosium! Obviously this won't affect us Gloranthan gamers since all the rights to Glorantha and to RuneQuest were sold to Moon Design. This having been said, Jeff Richard of Moon Design has mentioned on G+ his willingness to continue his close work with Greg and Sandy.

On the non-Gloranthan side of things, I presume we can expect renewed production in the 7th ed Call of Cthulhu lines and, hopefully, some more Basic Role-Playing publications.


  1. Nice illustrations. Where are they from?

  2. From this forum: http://tinyurl.com/qyd2hr8
    And there's more!