18 July 2020

Griselda Stories Time-Line

The following time-line has been collected by Daniel Fahey, Gloranthaphile extraordinaire.
I have added some bibliographic notes:
the edition hereafter referenced to as ‘CG’ is the Complete Griselda by Oliver Dickinson published by Issaries Inc, ISS 4502, 2001
the other stories are from the Kraken chapbooks published as fundraisers for our favourite con and are hereafter referred to as ‘CB’

Griselda stories Time-line:
'A Tasty Morsel' (CG p32) ends early in Dark Season 1613
'Lucky Eddi' (CG p17) Earth Season 1616
'Griselda Gets Her Men' (CG p21), 'All in the Family' (CG p37) ran through into Dark Season.
'Shamus Gets a Case' (CG p26) occurred some time in late 1616
'Down Among the Dead Men' (CG p54) ~1616
'The Great Chart Caper' (CG p44) took place in Sea Season 1617
'Devil's Play' (CG p72) shows how they actually redeemed themselves, following the events of 'Wolfhead's Story' (CG p61) and 'Carving Up Carver' (CG p64)
'Bad Example' (CG p80), 'Holding the Baby' (CG p84) and 'This Love Business' (CG p89) happen in Fire Season, following Griselda's return from the Rubble, and precede the action of 'Red Hot' (CG p113)
Ditto for 'Serious Money' (CG p95) and 'Worlds Apart' (CG p106).
'The Matchmaker' (CG p144) must take place some time after the Garhound Contest (Truth Week, Earth Season), which Griselda's involvement in 'Ogre Hunt' (CB) must follow by a week.
'The Hero Bit' (CG p138) would make sense in Illusion Week, Earth Season, ending in Truth Week.
'The Trouble with Nephews' (CG p155) took place in Stasis Week, Dark Season 1617.
'Respect' (CG p184) was told in Dark Season 1617
'Different Shades of Red' (CG p172) takes place in Dark Season 1617.
'Meet the Parents' (CB) happens in Storm Season 1617
'A Day at the Races' (CB) probably 1618
'No Way for a Lady to Behave' (CB) certainly in Sea Season 1618
'A Brief Return to the Rubble' (CB) happens not long after this, probably still in Sea Season
'Hafufa's Little Sister' (CG p50), 'First Class Protection' (CG p130) and 'Happy Anniversary' (CG p124) all happen in Earth Season 1620 according to Soltakss
The Cradle scenario began Fireday, Harmony Week, Sea Season 1621, Griselda and co. joined Wildday, main action on Godday.
In the interview with Carina (CG p195) she stated that she was thirty-five, so the interview should fall after her birthday in 1627
Olaf met them again in the earlier 1630s: 'The Lady of Alone' (CB)