10 November 2016

Revolution D100 Cover Revealed!

It’s been announced (to backers) that the Revolution D100 core manual is being sent to the printer. If you live in the UK, you may want to know that Revolution D100 will debut at Dragonmeet on 3/12/2016 at the booth labelled “RPG Meeting / Wild Boar”.

02 November 2016

Short News From Crowdfunded Projects

I am sharing some short news about two crowdfunded projects I’ve backed: Revolution D100 (on the French Ulule crowdfunding platform) and 13th Age in Glorantha (on Kickstarter). Both are running late, so the news are extremely welcome.

Revolution D100
The core text is at the final proofreading stage; it will be followed by the proofreading of the text of the extra settings/universes.

13th Age in Glorantha
The latest update e-mail to backers has explained us that both the pre-layout manuscript of the 13th Age in Glorantha core book and the one of the systemless Glorantha Sourcebook are ready. As proof that this was no mere boasting, we backers have received the text-only PDFs of both the 13G rules and the 1627 sourcebook. The latter is of particular interest to us Gloranthaphiles because (unless I’m mistaken) I believe it is the very first time a canonic game reference book is set so late in Gloranthan history.