14 November 2018

RQ:G Roadmap

The following is from Jason Durall himself on Facebook. Note: Jason is the line editor for the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha line, meaning he did not provide any information vis-à-vis the upcoming RuneQuest Fantasy Earth books.

As there seems to be some degree of interest in what we’re working on, I thought I’d post a (nearly) complete list of what’s been announced and in development.

These are presented in no particular order, so don’t assign any importance to the sequence.


Gamemaster Sourcebook - a guide to running games in Glorantha, from soup to nuts.

Gods of Glorantha - Jeff’s big compendium of gods

Gods of Chaos (temp title) - the other half of that book

Adventure Book 1 - a collection of intro/starter scenarios and points of interest.

Adventure Book 2 - a collection of scenarios by established and veteran RQ designers and writers

Adventure Book 3 - a collection of scenarios written in collaboration with Sandy Petersen

Adventure Book 4 - a collection of adventures along a particular theme (to be announced when contracts are locked down)

Spell Cards - card decks with Rune spells, spirit magic spells, sorcery, and other useful references

HeroQuesting - this section has grown so much that it’s likely to be broken out of the GM Sourcebook

Adventurer Journal - a journal-style character booklet

Adventures in the Troll Lands - the first part of a sourcebook that serves as the spiritual successor to Trollpak

The Upland Marsh - a sourcebook with adventures

Dragon Pass Campaign Sourcebook - a guide and sourcebook to Dragon Pass

Glorantha Cookbook - recipes and a culinary travelogue

Barbarian Town Sourcebook - source material and adventures

Big Rubble - source material and adventures

Pavis - source material and adventures

Grazelands - source material and adventures

Kralorela - source material and adventures*

Nochet - source material and adventures

Seapolis - a sourcebook and adventure

“Troll Book 2” - the other half of the Trollpak sourcebook

There will be Gloranthan fiction in various shapes and sizes.


The following are things we have talked about but have no solid plan about. They may go somewhere, or be in development for years. Or be vapour.

  • Elder Races Adventurer Pack
  • RuneQuest Grimoire
  • “The Great RuneQuest Campaign
  • Lunar Empire Sourcebook
  • The Invisible God Sorcery Book

*Note: I have received an early draft of this book, and I can guarantee it’s top-notch mind-boggling stuff.


  1. About the asterisk: why oh why do you tease us like that? 🙈😵😢