22 April 2015

The Hanging Garden, Issue No.2

Howdy dear readers. The second issue of The Hanging Garden is available. I wanted to make this issue available to you one week ago but Real Life struck.

As with last issue, the idea is to have a text-heavy 'zine to read on the commute, hence the literary parts (including the English-language translation of an award-winning Italian short story).

And again, as in last issue, I have tried to keep a good balance between already-published (but maybe overlooked) material, and new stuff.

Anyway, here are the main features from issue No.2 of The Hanging Garden:

  • D100 Towers, by kONSUMTERRA
  • Formosus, the Lich Who Ruled Rome, by Cronista
  • The Distance Between Eternities, fiction by Massimiliano Malerba
  • Qelong, a review by the RPGPundit
  • The Itako (or Blind Medium), by yours truly
  • a scenario for LotFP, by yours truly
  • Uprising at the Buzzard's Gulch Monster Rez, the second instalment of the Monsters! Monsters! campaign log by Thessaly Chance


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