04 May 2015

HeroQuest 2 Auf Deutsch

After the news back in February that RuneQuest 6 would be available in German, your favourite blog can now reveal that HeroQuest 2 will also be available in Hochdeutsch, and probably even earlier than RQ6, since its publisher, Humakt e.V., has mentioned that printed copies of the book would be available at the next Eternal Con. The book comes with a beautiful front picture by my friend Éric Vanel.

The contents of the tome should be a translation of HQ2, with some additional/updated information with regards to sorcery. If you want to pre-order the book, simply send an e-mail to info [at] humakt [dot] com.

More information here.


  1. Is there a non-Hoch Deutsch option?

  2. LOL... We may want to petition Humakt e.V. for a Plattdüütsch version :-)

  3. Sorry, no Plattdütsch or Kölsch at this time (unless you are willing to volunteer). But you can pre-order the German edition until May 10th.