07 May 2015

Gloranthan Podcasts Galore

I usually do not blog about podcasts. Not that I don't like them; on the contrary; when the recording has been done properly and the sound is nice, I really enjoy them. It's also nice to discover the real voice of the authors of our industry/hobby. It's simply that I usually don't have the time to listen to a whole podcast episode in a single session, and I hate it when I have to find at what exact point I had interrupted it. However, since I am on holidays, I have the luxury to listen to podcasts — and to blog about them.

1) The Iconic Podcast is a podcast that is normally 100% devoted to 13th Age. Now, because of the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha product, they have recently made available a 'Gloranthan special' podcast. At almost 50 minutes, it is longer than usual and just chock-full of interesting information for us Gloranthan fans, especially since there haven't been any Gloranthan panels at cons for a long time (but fear not, the con season is about to start, and your faithful sleuth will be investigating about the next releases).

Anyway, episode B17 of The Iconic Podcast has all the latest information about Moon Design's projects, upcoming Gloranthan products by other publishers, and even insight about future episodes of the Prince of Sartar web-comic.

2) Moon Design have started their very own podcast. It's called Tales of Mythic Adventure, and it is available for free on iTunes. Episode 1 is already available. Here are the topics tackled:

 - Presentation of MOB and of what he's done in the past (most famously Sun County, and also the 'MGF' (Maximum Game Fun) fast-play rules, which had been published in a fanzine, and which are apparently going to be re-released later this year)
 - Killing eastern grey kangaroos in the state of Victoria
 - Presentation of Jeff and of Moon Design
 - Reminiscences about Tales of the Reaching Moon and Herschell Gordon Lewis' films
 - Upcoming projects/products:
    - Apparently the White Bear Red Moon board game will see a reprint
    - The Gods' War (Sandy's new board game, which yours truly playtested last year) should be Kickstarted this year
 - 'Crunch' getting in the way of GM'ing

All in all, this podcast is, er, quite erratic in its conduction and a good glimpse into what convention panels feel like :-)

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