12 September 2016

RPG Review - Issue No.31

I have already blogged about the RPG Review, a most excellent free on-line Australian webzine devoted to role-playing games, with a good mix of game reviews, industry news, interviews, historical articles about our hobby, and short gaming aids.

The latest issue is an OSR special issue, and as such I believe it is of interest to readers of this blog.

I would particularly like to point out the following articles:
  • An interview of Ken Saint-André, the creator of Tunnels & Trolls and Stormbringer,
  • A long Tunnels & Trolls bestiary; unfortunately it is for the 5.5 ed.– I am sure the use of spite dice would have improved on the various special attacks of the monsters,
  • A RQ2 variant to add granularity to the results of skill checks,
  • A sneak peek on the upcoming John Carter role-playing game by Modiphius Entertainment.


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