25 September 2010

My Glorantha Does Vary

I have started a 2nd Age campaign set in Umathela using... the 30th Anniversary Tunnels & Trolls rules.

The reason is quite simple: the campaign game that I have started is for the kids (ages 11 and 13) meaning I need an easy-to-use set of rules, flexible, with little to learn/memorise. I also own the 5th edition of T&T in French, and the differences are minimal.

The first session today went very well. I'll explain in another post how I have "HeroQuest-ised" the T&T rules to render them more compatible with the style of play typical of Glorantha.


  1. Ai totjorn lo vieilh T&T dau mièu. M'interessarà de legir la seguida d'aquest post e de saupre coment faguères par adatar T6T en Glorantha.

  2. The version of the rules that you have is T&T 5th edition. The one I'm using is T&T 7th edition, which introduces at least two major differences with the previous version [there never was a 6th edition]:

    1) there is a new attribute, Wizardry, which fuels spells (much like POW in RQ)

    2) PCs can now have talents, which are not to be taken from a set list, but can be made up, rather like in HQ; e.g., a talent could be "always have some spare change in his pocket"

    There also are more classes, which is a welcome departure from the 5th edition's D&D-like classes, and which actually provide a starting block to create new classes ad lib, e.g., my daughter wanted to play "an alchemist" so I created on the spot the alchemist "class" based on the new Specialist Mage class.

  3. La campagne Umathélienne a-t-elle avancé ?

    Avec le nouveau livre sur l'Abiding Book, il y a de nouveaux détails sur l'interaction orlanthi-pamaltéliens/jrusteli.

  4. Euh, malheureusement tout est dans les cartons de déménagement au garde-meuble. Je ne pourrai reprendre qu'en juin. Il faudra aussi que je m'achète l'Abiding Book.

  5. Ça y est, j'ai profité des soldes de Mongoose pour m'acheter l'Abiding Book.