05 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Eight: Yoon-Suin

Yoon-Suin is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) sandbox setting that describes a dark, decadent, and dangerous Oriental setting. Far, far from the Disneyfied version of the Orient usually depicted in ‘Oriental’ role-playing game supplements, Yoon-Suin emphasises the moist and the corrupt aspects of the Orient; ancient temples overgrown with venomous vines, opium-addicted landlords lecherously gazing at lackadaisical lasses – the setting is much more reminiscent of The Royal Way by André Malraux than of the Kai Lung stories by Ernest Bramah.

Although not an RPG per se, Yoon-Suin does have a character generation chapter – it’s even the very first chapter. Characters generated following the steps therein are expected to be compatible with most OSR role-playing games.

In true OSR fashion, I have created my Yoon-Suin player character via the random tables. Even the details of the deity have been randomly rolled.

Name: TUI RUL of the Topaz Isles
Geographic Origin: Seaborne Nomad
Race: Human
Background: Ordinary Parents
Age: 19

Character Class: Holy-Man
Level: 1

STR 12
DEX 10
CON 15
INT 11
WIS 16
CHA 10

Hit Points: 6
Armour: None
Weapon: Bow and arrows

Deity: the Elephant Goddess
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Creativity, Love
Sacrificial Rites: Invertebrates
Holy Colour: Red
Spells: 3 first-level spells

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