14 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day 15: L’Era di Zargo

Marco Alberto Donadoni is an Italian boardgame designer whose fantasy wargame Zargo’s Lords was quite popular in Europe. Three other games, Zargo’s Lords II, Blue Stones and Zargos, were set in the same fantasy universe, which as a result grew into something quite developed and with a real “in world” depth – think Glorantha albeit on a smaller scale. Where Glorantha shines because of the myths, Zargo’s universe shines because of its unique races.

It was then only natural that a group of Italian fans should decide to create a fantasy role-playing game set in Zargo’s universe. Rather than creating their own system, the team, led by Tito Leati, developed a retro-clone of the most popular frp game, which I must say is really satisfactory; obviously, the main interest of this frp game is that L’Era di Zargo features the beloved races from the boardgames.

My favourite being the Arachnids, I am creating an Arachnid PC for today’s Lockdown Challenge.

Name: Siaj
Race: Arachnid
Sex: Female
Class: Shaman
Level: 1
Alignment: Neutral

CON 11 (0)
DEX 11 (0)
STR 9 (0)
CHA 14 (+1)
INT 17 (+2)
WIS 15 (+1) --> +2 (racial modifier)

Hit points: 8
Fate points: 2

Armour: Leather armour (+2) & Small wooden shield (+1)
Armour Class: 13

Weapon: Quarterstaff (dmg 1D6)

1 first-level spell + 1 improvised spell per day

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