26 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day 21: John Carter of Mars

The PDF of the core book of Modiphius’ John Carter of Mars role-playing game is currently free on their web-site if you use the code BARSOOM upon checking out; the other PDFs are at −20% if you use the code VIRGINIA.
I have just downloaded the free John Carter of Mars PDF and it is thus unavoidable that today’s player character should hail from Barsoom (I seldom blog about planetary romance, but I am a big fan of the genre)!

Sculptos Sahl hails from one of the minor Red Martian city-states. He has heard about John Carter’s exploits, and he’d love to revisit the feats that the Earthborn has accomplished. Alas, his duties in the air force of his home city-state prevent him from adventuring in the footsteps of the Virginian explorer. But who knows? That might change one day!

Name: Sculptos Sahl
Race: Red Martian

Cunning 4
Daring 7
Empathy 8
Might 5
Passion 4
Reason 6

Confusion 8
Fear 7
Injury 5

Eye for Danger (Grade 1)
Find the Way (Grade 1)
Skilled Physician (Grade 2)
Suppressing Fire (Grade 2)


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