04 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Seven: Electric Bastionland

The Sinuous Strands of Synchronicity — or was that the Cryptic Chains of Coincidence? Anyway. I’ve selected Into The Odd as my role-playing game of choice for instalment No.4 of the Lockdown Challenge. And I’ve just discovered that Electric Bastionland, a more advanced version of Into The Odd, with more careers†, and especially more background detail about the mysterious city of Bastion, is available for free on the author’s blog.

I have a feeling that the game is more clearly rooted in the dieselpunk or social science fiction genre now. We also know why the adventurers do what they do— they collectively own money to a vicious loanshark or debt collector and they must delve into the most dangerous areas of Bastionland to scavenge valuable stuff to sell it and pay off their debts. (Note: I can see a cool re-skin of the game set on Jakku where player characters are scavengers trying to purchase their way out of that shithole of a planet).

† Appropriately, careers are now called failed careers

Jaynee, Stu, and the paper-boy
(Accident by Jan-Wes on deviantart)

Failed career: Newspaper Intern
STR 13
CHA 13
Hit Protection 3
Loose change £1
Equipment: a notepad
Unarmed attack: D4 damage

Lackey: Stu
Hit Protection 1
Weapon: Crowbar (D6)

Animal: a slow disowned lizard (2HP)

A paper-boy that has nowhere else to go (DEX 15, 2HP) blindly obeys me.

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