24 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day 19: Adventure Fantasy Game and Chthonic Codex

Paolo Greco is an OSR writer who has published quite a few weird OSR gems. One of them is the Adventure Fantasy Game, the other is the Chthonic Codex, an OSR supplement chock full of cool ideas, additional rules, tables, twists and tweaks.

Here’s a Level One Caster:
Physique 9
Craft 12
Spirit 14

Hits 6
Mana 1
Spells: 3

One of the Chthonic Codex tables helps generating weird starting equipment for magic-users. Here’s mine:

•    A pint of children tears
•    Slug nails
•    A curious speaking tube that translates any language into whistles
•    Hydrometer for testing specific gravity of fluids, esp. Beer
•    Opera glasses that purportedly show all on stage buck-naked
•    A magnificent glass-topped wooden display case segregated into 256 compartments that contain the full spectrum of colours found in accumulations of navel lint

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