07 April 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Ten: Bravoure & Infortune

Today, Bravoure & Infortune, a French generic role-playing game that has been suggested to me by fellow OSR enthusiast Snorri. Nothing revolutionary, but it is solid, the PDF has a nice layout, and it’s free.

The idea behind this game’s character generation system is to have a firm idea of one’s player character and to choose keywords accordingly (only the characteristics are set, everything else is freeform). My PC is going to be a dangerous demonologist who spends his time in dank dungeons, donning his dearest dark dress and dealing with demons.

Name: Derek the Dour

Vigour 2
Agility 1
Spirit 3
Aura 4

Demonology 1
Hide Aura 1
Second Sight 1

Sacrificial Knife 1
Tome of True Names 1

Shady Dealings


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