31 March 2020

Lockdown Challenge Day Three: 17th Century Minimalist

Pookie’s review of 17th Century Minimalist by Games Omnivorous watered my mouth so much that I almost immediately impulse-purchased the PDF of the core rulebook (well, at USD6.90 it was an impulse purchase I could afford).

I’ll let you read Pookie’s review (who always does a better job at reviewing games than anybody else), but in a nutshell 17th Century Minimalist is Lamentations of the Flame Princess sans the magic rules, and with a few clever bells and whistles that firmly root the game in the grim plague- and war-afflicted Europe of the 17th century; hit points, for instance, never increase. So I may have found the perfect game – at last! – to play in my tentative early modern setting for weird fantasy role-playing (described here).

Anyway, the Lockdown Challenge is about generating a new character with a different role-playing game every day, so on to character generation!

Background: Zoltán was born in Upper Hungary. Although a fervent Protestant, he enlisted in the armies of the Habsburg and saw action against the Turk. After a bad wound at the battle of Keresztes left him one-eyed and scarred, Zoltán decided that he’d spend the rest of his life caring for no one but himself, and started improving the acts of legerdemain one of his uncles had taught him when he was a kid.
Class: Illusionist
Level: 1
Max Hit Points: 6
Main ability: Charisma
Weapons of choice: small weapons
Experience points: 0
Reputation: 6

Luck 6

Languages: Hungarian, German, Turkish

Special abilities
Déjà Vu: add extra die to the initiative bag
Weapon Clumsy: disadvantage on all non-small weapons
Entertaining Crowds: may gain experience and SP, or be beaten up by the crowd
Performing Tricks: can do tricks of current level or below

Armour: cloth armour
Main Weapon: pistol

Starting Equipment
-    Two daggers
-    One whip
-    One pistol & ammunition (D10)
-    Grenades (D6)
-    10 SP
-    Bag of tricks
-    Tricorn hat

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