27 March 2020

Basic Role-Playing SRD and OGL – At Last!

The Basic Role-Playing System, the common ‘engine’ at the heart of most Chaosium role-playing games, has at last its own System Reference Document (SRD) and its very own Open Gaming Licence (OGL), different from that “other” open gaming licence.

On top of the bare bones rules of the Basic Role-Playing System, similar in size to ones from the early Chaosium booklets, and in scope and content to the ones within the “Big Gold Book” (pictured on the left), the Basic Role-Playing SRD also contains guidelines for publishing content under the Basic Role-Playing Open Gaming Licence.

The Chaosium web-site provides a lengthy explanation of what is allowed and what is prohibited via the BRP OGL. The SRD itself may be downloaded as a PDF from here.

I hope these new tools will spur game designers to create BRP-compatible role-playing games and adventures!

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