08 January 2013

Glass Tokens

Historically, some Muslim countries have relied on glass tokens instead of metal coins whenever metal was too rare to use it for coinage. The glass tokens in the picture to the left, for instance, are from ancient Bactria.

I do not have a map of metal ores in Umathela, and then I know Gloranthan metals are not geological in origin like their earth equivalents, but are mined from the bones of dead gods, so I don't have the slightest idea of the availability of metal in Umathela. However, I seem to recall that most battles betwen gods took place in Genertela; those that did take place in Pamaltela took place further south. My opinion is hence that metal is scarce in Umathela.

This is not a problem for the Umathings, whose trade is basd on barter anyway. It is, however, a problem for the Malki cities of the coast, especially now that they are cut off from the Middle Sea Empire and its supply of metal coins.

I have hence decided that the Malki cities of the coast are increasingly relying on glass tokens instead of metal coins. That will also add to the exoticism of Second Age Umathela☺

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