23 May 2013


There was a recent post by Charles about the pronunciation of Gloranthan names on the Moon Design forum. It prompted me to have an in-depth look into that. I've always thought that linguistics was the weak part of Glorantha. You can easily notice that Greg Stafford is bigtime into religion and mythology, but not languages! Anyway, the fact that those pronunciation guidelines use bits and pieces of English syllables rather than the International Phonetic Alphabet doesn't help either.

I would say that most of them correspond to the way I would've pronounced them, except maybe the way some words are stressed.

The most surprising pronunciations were:

Babeester Gor             BAH-bees-ter GORE ['bɑbistə 'ɡɔɹ]. I would've stressed the second syllable myself.
Bagog                         ba-GOG [bæ'gɒg]. I would've stressed the first syllable.
Ginna Jar                     GIN-nuh JAR ['gɪnnʌ 'dʒɑː]. For some reason I was expecting a soft 'G'.
Godunya                     goe-DOON-yah [gəʊ'dunjɑ]. This I had really no idea how to pronounce it!
Himile                         hih-MEEL [hɪ'mil]. Another name I had no idea how to pronounce.
Hyalor                         HIGH-ah-lor ['haɪɒlə]. Ditto.
Jmijie                          zh’MEE-zheh ['ʒmiʒe]. Weird.
Kajaboor                    KAHZH-ah-bor ['kɑʒɑbɔɹ]. Wow.
Keraun                        kerr-AHN [ker'rɑn].
Metsyla                       met-SIGH-lah [met'saɪlɑ]. For some reason I was expecting a short 'i' in the middle.
Mikyh                         MIK-yuh ['mɪkjʌ]. Another unexpected one.
Pamalt                         PAM-ahlt ['pæmɑlt]. I'd always stressed the second syllable.
Seseine                       seh-SAEN-ay [se'seɪneɪ]. I'm pretty sure Jeff pronounces it [se'sin].
Subere                        soo-BEER-ee [su'biri].
Teelo Noori                TEE-loe NOR-ee ['tiləʊ 'nɔɹi].
Tien                            t’YEN [tjen].
Jrusteli                        j’russ-TEL-i [dʒrʌs'teli]. I'm pretty sure I've heard Jeff pronounce it with an initial [ʒ].

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