03 May 2013

Guide to Glorantha KS Update (cont'd)

Frankly, we knew the Guide to Glorantha would be late. With all the stretch goals that just kept being added during the KS phase, this comes as no surprise. But I tell you— I'll take a late, expanded Guide chock-full of new information over an on-time one that is just a rehash of the Avalon Hill material any day!

So on to the latest information from Moon Design: Jeff and the team are nearly done detailing Pamaltela, which turns out to be 50% BIGGER than all of Genertela [Pamaltelaaaaaaa!!! ‒賈尼]. Plus they've finished Jrustela, Teleos, Kumanku, and a few other places.

The manuscript that started out at a slim 400 pages is almost at 520 pages, and there's still more to do. Another "sneak peek" is close at hand.

We've signed up to do the same to Vormain, Vithela and the East Isles - and we will be starting that in full swing after Eternal Convention (May 17-20)
[I'll be there! ‒賈尼]. Keep in mind that this is no little archipelago - and very, very underdetailed despite all of Greg and Sandy's notes. That means a lot more work. Jeff and Colin hope to have a feeling for how much new work later this month, but the point is that the book is not going to be ready for layout until the East Islands are done.

As for the Argan Argar Atlas, it's growing as well. Check out the NEW overview page for Pamaltela as the last sample picture
[Pamaltelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ‒賈尼].

Home at last
It looks like the new ETA for the Guide will be August 2013. I'll torture ask Jeff and the others during Eternal Con and I will let you know on the blog.

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