22 May 2013

Huge On-Line Archive of Spanish-Language Gaming Magazines

Thanks to Spanish-language blogger Cronista, I have been made aware of a huge treasure trove of Spanish-language gaming magazines.

The site Sinergia de rol hosts an impressive quantity of quite high quality scans of Spanish gaming magazines from the 1980s and the 1990s, amongst which many that tackled RuneQuest and Glorantha. Líder magazine, for instance, was the flagship magazine of Joc Internacional, who published both the RuneQuest and the Call of Cthulhu role-playing games at the time.

If you read Spanish, you will find many interesting analyses, house rules, and adventures for RuneQuest in the pages of Líder magazine. In issue No.8 of Líder, for instance, there is a long RuneQuest scenario (pages 31 to 39) set in the Elamle Peninsula, in Third Age Pamaltela!

Edit:  The Troll 'zine is also quite interesting. It was the 'zine of the Barcelona-based Auryn role-playing club, whose members were actively promoting RuneQuest in Spain at the time. Apparently, their home campaign was based in Pamaltela, because there is yet another scenario set in the Elamle Peninsula in issue No.17 of the Troll 'zine.

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