29 May 2013

Guide to Glorantha KS Update (cont'd)

Update No.38 has just been posted on the Kickstarter page of the Guide to Glorantha. Since I do not know how accessible this page is, I'll just copy 'n paste the interesting bits here. BTW— not much new information if you've been a loyal follower of this blog.

1. The mapping stretch goals turned out to be even more massive than we thought. Pamaltela (which is done) is about 50% BIGGER than Genertela (once Kralorela and Teshnos got added). We have finished Kralorela, Teshnos, Pent, Jrustela, Teleos, Pamaltela, and Slon, plus a few sundry other islands. It took Colin and Jeff nearly two years to do the first two-thirds of Genertela. In the last six months, they've done about twice that much work. Colin and Jeff are now working on Vormain and the East Islands. After that we hope to crowd-source fact check the entire set of maps, so that no stupid typos mar this masterpiece. We hope to be able to be done with Vormain and the East Islands in about two weeks (but this is really complicated mapping, so it may take longer).

2. There was SO much new art — and of so much detail — that it has taken longer to finish than expected. Several key artists still have several plates to finish. Most of those pictures had several thousand words written to describe what the picture should look like, in intricate detail
[賈尼— We want a book with all that accompanying text!].

3. Additional Appendixes. There are still several appendixes (including hero-questing, Hero Wars events, etc) resulting from the huge number of stretch goals, that Jeff needs to finalise. Once the maps are finished, it will be easy to finish them up.

Once the text and art is finished, then the Guide goes over to Rick for layout and then printing. The Argan Argar Atlas will be ready once the maps are finished and checked, so that will get done first, most likely for a Gen Con Debut
[賈尼— 15-18 August 2013]. The Guide itself is looking more like a Fall 2013 release [賈尼— I says December. Wanna wager?].

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