18 July 2012

RuneQuest 6 Free Download: Games Master's Pack

The dead tree version of RuneQuest 6 is still on its way, yet the Design Mechanism have already churned out their first free download!

The RQ6 Games Master's Pack is downloadable for free from the web-site. At 76 pages, it's a massive free supplement. Kudos to Loz and Pete for their dedication!

It contains:
  • A nice Hellenistic-themed cover picture
  • A map of the (again) Hellenistic-looking city of Meeros
  • A 17-page introductory scenario set in the city of Meeros
  • A 14-page action-packed swords & sorcery scenario set in a high fantasy milieu
  • All the charts, tables, and sheets from the rule book in one convenient location
  • Condition markers (yes! now isn't this the epitome of old school role-playing??)
  • A 2-page player character sheet

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