03 July 2012

RQ6 Stats for HeroQuest Publications

Someone on the Glorantha Yahoo list asked the following:

[We] wished that HeroQuest books, especially campaigns, had RQ stats added. Once RQ6 is out, wouldn't that be cool? I don't know how difficult it would be to achieve this, I'm sure there are many legal problems or other technicalities I'm not aware of, but if this could be done, even as just an appendix, I'm pretty sure it would be good for sales.

To which Loz answered:

We're way ahead of you.

We're intending (that is, Design Mechanism and Moon Design) to release PDF files with appropriate RQ6 stats and notes to accompany HQ books. Books won't be dual statted; that would inflate page count horribly. However RQ players will be able to use HQ books as fully as possible with these PDF stat packs. And, many GMs like their stats separate from the core text anyway, so it makes sense to adopt this approach.

It will take some time to put these together of course; time we don't have right now. But it's All Part of the Plan.

This is just über cool. And, as mentioned by Loz, it would keep the stat blocks [let's admit that stat blocks are a pain in the arse] separate from the juicy text of the HQ books.

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