02 July 2012

The Look of Second Age Westerners

OK, today's post is straight out of the HeroQuest forums out there at Moon Design's web-site.

The original poster wrote:
I am really enjoying the Look of Glorantha blog Moon Design is doing for the lead up to the Big Glorantha guide.
While waiting for RQ6 I am reading the Abiding Book for MRQ2.
Does a Second Age Westerner look different from a Third Age Westerner?
Is it only a matter of worldview that was changed by the disasters between the Second and Third Age, or did it also set them on a new path of cultural development?

To which Jeff replied:
I fear the Mongoose artistic accuracy was almost always very bad (Dara Happa Stirs is a notable example) and Greg and I really have no idea how they depicted Second Age Westerners. However, this article does give correct information as to the look of the Second Age Jrusteli:


Cool link. I especially like this picture by the immense Ivan Bilibin:
it fits in well with my own view of the Umathelan Malki people.

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