14 July 2012

Issue 15 of Wyrms Footnotes Available

Issue 14 of Wyrms Footnotes was published by the Chaosium in April 1982. Now Moon Design have announced the availability of Issue 15 of Wyrms Footnotes... Why, that is a mere 30-year hiatus between two issues.

Anyway, even if the former Wyrms Footnotes was a RuneQuest magazine and the new incarnation is a HeroQuest magazine, the continuation of the numbering reveals a sense of continuity between the 'old' and the 'new' Glorantha, which warms the heart of the grognard in me.

Here's the announcement by Moon Design:

After a short rest, Moon Design Publications announces that the legendary flagship Gloranthan "magazine" [at this size and general awesomeness, Wyrms Footnotes is better thought of as a regular Glorantha Companion] Wyrms Footnotes is back with Issue 15! Articles and scenarios by Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard and Rick Meints, including:
  • Adventure Time with Sandy Petersen!
  • The Upland Marsh!
  • Sun Dome County (in Sartar, not Prax)!
  • The Far Place!
  • War in Glorantha!
  • Magical Regiments of the Hero Wars!

And much much more! In all, some 88 pages of pure Gloranthan gold!

The prices are announced as follows:
  • Bundle of Paperback and Electronic Download, $20.00
  • Electronic Download, $10.00

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