27 May 2014

HeroQuest Glorantha

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, there's a new edition of HeroQuest coming up, specifically targeted at playing in Glorantha (the HeroQuest 2 rule book presents itself as a generic role-playing game).

very early draft cover :)

Game mechanics-wise, this is not really going to be a new edition; at least not in the sense that HeroQuest 2 was a new edition compared with HeroQuest, or HeroQuest compared with Hero Wars.

According to what Jeff has posted on the Glorantha G+ community wall, the main rules-related changes are going to be:
- explicitly "roll high"
- as-you-go is the default method
- lots of confusing optional rules dropped
- Very High difficulty level increased in value
- rules against hoarding Hero Points

But the real added value will be, as the title of the book implies, in terms of Gloranthan play. Today, the only cultural region with fully-fledged rules is Sartar, thanks to the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes supplement.

Now, Jeff promises us that the new book will enable us to create Tarshite, Praxian, and Esrolian characters on top of Sartarite ones. There will be seven cult write-ups, including Waha and the Seven Mothers [Wot... No Kyger Litor cult write-up??]. There will be rules to make a clearer distinction between Rune magic, spirit magic, sorcery, and Lunar magic. And the book will include a sample heroquest.

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