05 December 2013

Guide to Glorantha KS Update (cont'd)

OK, we knew the books would only be available in 2014. But Jeff promised that at least we'd receive the PDF of the Guide to Glorantha in December 2013. I had my doubts, and they have been confirmed; the latest update says the Guide will be split in two PDFs. One that we'll get at the end of the month, and another one that we'll receive in January. Well, I'm not surprised, and I'm not even angry because when you see art like this you are ready to condone pretty much anything. This is simply AMAZING.

Sog City


  1. Gianni - we had to do this because of two completely unforeseen incidents. First, we lost nearly two weeks thanks to Gamezone trying to do a Kickstarter using our trademark. Second, once that was resolved, Rick found out he needed to fly a few days later to China for two weeks. That means we lost nearly a month of layout time, which really screwed up our schedule. But we'll get the first volume out and you'll still be digesting it before you get volume two.

  2. Jeff— I know! It's just that real life always kicks in. That unfortunate Spanish KS episode didn't exactly help...
    Anyway, keep up the good work and the fantastic art. (Did I mention how fantastic the art was?)